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Лак состоит их пастельных тонов. Добавляет ногтям объем и цвет.

Опубликовано в Лак для ногтей

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  • Комментировать AustinScuch Воскресенье, 09 июля 2017 13:06 написал AustinScuch

    One of the most common issues that come across new xrumer users is low success rate with profiles blast, usually the case is just wrong setting, so in this post we will try to explain all the needed settings in order to run a great and successful profile blast and have good success rate (of course if you have good link list to use?)

    ** if you are planning on using proxies , private or not, you are going to have lower success rate. period. VPN is a bit better?

    1. The Speed success rate menu should look something like that:

    Note we increased the number of the attempts to decode captchas to 50 m you can use more, but usually if xrumer won?t get it with 50 attempts he won?t get it at all, and you might want to consider using decaptcher.

    2. The advanced options menu should look like that:

    It is set to: https://forum.gsa-online.de

    registration only ? means it will not create posts, but just create user profiles

    Enable checking for active links after posting ? will lower the reports of false positives.

    Editing profile after registration ? Well you can guess what that does. Log in from current account if username is used - if you forgot to change usernames while blasting the same list, xrumer will log on from the already existing username ,

    NOTE: it will delete your old profile information of that username. so best thing is just to change or randomize usernames. (well get to that soon)

    3. We will set the download of activation emails to automatic mode, and every 2 minutes, you can check both checkboxes, in the current buggy xrumer release of beta 5 it will ignore the ?download at the end of submission? anyway. and we don?t want to filter the header, just download all and let xrumer look for activation links

    NOTE: Do not use GMAIL with these settings (or at all).

  • Комментировать Maybelle Понедельник, 12 июня 2017 09:10 написал Maybelle

    Good write-up. I definitely appreciate this site.
    Continue the good work!

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